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by Break-Ups

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What a difference a year makes. With timing and patience you can build anything. Get your coat it’s cold out tonight. But my cars parked right out front we can go all night. And I think I’m losing it this time. Mapping out them northern lines. sincerely wait and go. And I'm ready, I'm ready, northern lines and I'm feeling so. I'm not ready, not ready northern lines and I'm feeling so. what a difference another fucking year makes We’re the wrong side of our twenties staring down your thirties you've got your backpack packed and your ready run but don't forget your backbone, son
Evergreen 03:56
You can see the sparks ignite In the sky tonight As the wheels screech on by On these tracks we ride This railway line Makes everything alright Cuz it leads me to... Oh, it takes me to A better place A place where no one cares to speak my name I may mean nothing to you now I may mean nothing to you tomorrow, too But I’ll take my chances on this railway line Count the stars to pass the time I’ll make it there someday But not tonight I’ll take everything I own and put it in my bag ‘Til the only thing I need is by my side With my head pressed against the window Steaming up the sights Of the fields that roll on by The trees that pass beneath the twilight sky The mist, it covers all the leaves I see This metal cage protecting me I wanna feel the dirt beneath my feet Make me evergreen Wanna feel the earth beneath my feet Sinking in - sink in, sink in Make me evergreen Wanna feel the earth beneath my feet Sinking in - sink in, sink in
Give Over 04:33
Stare through the window, sit and watch them go, like it really matters anymore. And I can see it by his face, you were taking it away, goddamn its like he knew. I wanna walk around the streets of the places that I want to be. But we’d keep it cool, twenty minutes down and you knew…… Talk about the summer like its just round the corner and bend to break sometimes It was a cold start stuck in the winter and I wanna spend some time with you. Now you’re digging up old bones like do you really want to know. It’ll drag you down. But I'm starting straight ahead into a firing line pacing around watching you tear it down, give over. You slam dance in a knife fight but now you dance like you know, like you don’t, like you don’t, like you don’t. and to the headaches they remind me of you and this town now you're back on your own…. so down down you go.
Miserability 02:47
Put me in the corner where I belong Where I can do no wrong Where I can hurt nobody else but me Shed my skin Take me in Waste away with me and ease my miserability Tired of screaming silent screams Can't let this world get the better of me I'm a cheap imitation of the person that I could be Surrendering myself to anything it wants me to believe in - used to believe in myself Is this the death of everything we thought we knew? Take it slow now, take it easy Cuz I'm coming home to you Now let's go... Hearts on display Fuck the misery And lay...beside me I'm just trying to walk here I'm learning how to breathe The pavement's cracking with each step I take All that's left inside me Is this burning in my stomach Sick to death of letting go
The Hell 03:09
Sorry ain’t fixing this one. and what if trying ain’t good enough anymore Ive been doing a lot of thinking, and it hasn't got me anywhere before. What the hell is wrong with me? I can barley breath, and it don’t get easier But baby I’m still tied to you and I can barley move. So much for letting go. The devils in the details and god forbid if you, you knew. And I’ve done some awful things, I couldn't bare myself to ever tell you But maybe I’m getting too old, too tired for letting myself down down down but I, Still want to call you, call and tell.
it cuts just like the headaches but i can't bring myself to break skin. cut these teeth to gums and let this heart sink in. but i remember when i was free but i remember when i was free, my mind has caged me. It gets so cold, so frustrating and you agree to disagree you’re so complimentary, to me we broke an hour glass just to buy us time, what a mess we’ve made. and ill burn that bridge down when i come to cross it but i remember when i was free but i remember when i was free, from a mind thats caged me.
Make It Rain 03:50
I'm the dust upon the path you walk along each day You're never looking down at me The leaves are rotting on the ground, skies are turning grey Can you spare some change? Or a moment? Just a second of your day. Winter's coming It's gonna wash us all away Will someone take me home tonight? So I don't feel so cold inside This whiskey only goes so far to make me feel alive This headache's gonna stay a while Light a fire, by this river On this cardboard’s where I lay my head and close my eyes Under bridges, sunsets don't rise The day becomes the night each time The sun is setting early It's getting colder everyday Winter's coming It's gonna wash us all away.
Jealousy 02:09
Hey jealousy, best friends worst enemies. Throw your luck into the wind and where it lands is where we begin. It’s the cold days you waste. I watched them tear it down the old abandoned warehouse you should've seen the state of them you should've seen the state of me It’s the cold days you waste. Down, down, down, down.
surrounded myself with negative imagery of the person who I am, and the person that I will never be. It’s too bad about the weather and weather or not i’m scared but I'm well aware of your ice-y cold glares. My depressions near killed me, i stitched myself perfectly I kept the outside out and myself well hidden Theres only so much i can do to get the message across to you meet me in the middle, meet me in the middle and so it goes making this unbearable meet me in the middle, meet me in the middle I started smoking again. to deal with you and all your shitty friends It’s always symmetry, mathematics and old poetry and its all been done to death My depressions near killed me, i stitched myself perfectly I kept the outside out and myself well hidden
Mortem 03:16
You had the safety on. But you were still holding a gun. It was frightening to some. And it was cold out, I am barley hanging on, figure out what’s wrong. And it was, everything that i ever had and it starts out slow until I, die alone. and sitting here like everything before, you’ll never guess what happens behind close doors. it’s like its happened before and then the light bulb flickered out, it felt like I, was in a movie or something. and its a long walk down, down town, to misplace your friends and it was everything, but it was always nothing, and anything you want. and it was everything, but what you meant, meant nothing, from the start.
Clinical 05:12
I’ll curse these hands they don't work like they used to and a mind that overthinks everything it don't quite work like it should do I got pretty good at running away. And I fully respect your honesty. But here's to giving up, on giving up and, searching for some good. We’re gonna be fine It's not like I can't tell the truth its that I'm addicted to lying to you.


released August 3, 2019

Alfie Crook: Bass, Vocals
Luke Godwin: Guitar, Vocals
Simon Horne: Drums, Percussion

Photography, design, text and layout by Jonathan Minto
Drums recorded by Tim Greaves @ Southsea Sound
Guitars, bass, vocals, percussion, trumpet and cello recorded by Luke Godwin

Piano written, performed and recorded by Matt Emery
Cello written by Matt Emery, performed by Hannah Morrow
Trumpet performed by Danny Lester
Additional vocals performed by Lauren Kemp and Nichola Collins
Additional vocals recorded by Graham Thompson


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Break-Ups London, UK


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